Beautiful foal Majestic Beat has arrived.

Foal Majestic Beat (Connor), son of Stallion HeartBeat, has arrived and it’s been incredible three weeks. In fact my days have been so busy that i’m ashamed to say that posting has been the last think I’ve been thinking of. But now I have some time to share my wonderful news.

Foal’s are so cute but incredibly strong

I can start by saying he’s incredible… beautiful… smart… fun… foxy… he is… he’s a foal! And like every new parent i’m proud and think he’s the best looking foal on the planet. Let me start by sharing some of the photos from his first few days. Majestic_beat_foal Newly hatched Connor was up on his feet and drinking within one and a half hours. Sticking close to mum, Connor begins to explore the outside world. majestic_beat_heartbeat   Now get ready for his first run in the paddock. It was such a pleasure and fun to see him take his first steps out into the big wide world.

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