Equestrian weddings, what makes them so great?

When style meets horse designs, all sorts of amazingly chic happens. Just take a look at some of these incredible ideas! You can’t go wrong with ideas inspired from an equestrian theme. I’ve gathered some of my favorite horse-inspired wedding ideas that I think bring equestrian chic to create a unique equestrian weddings for this very special day.

Bride and equestrian weddings

Many of us dream about taking our true love down the aisle but when we talk about true love… there’s always more than one involved… your man and your horses. So why not include your horses in the wedding festivities with equestrian weddings. They can accompany down the aisle or be part of the wedding album and portrait photographs. A bride’s horse is sure to add intrigue and elegance to the wedding day, making a day that everyone will remember. horses of sweden admin   Horseshoes have long played a role an equestrian wedding; being an ancient symbol of good luck, a horseshoe is traditionally given to a bride on the morning of her wedding. Carry a lucky silver horseshoe with your bouquet or go one step further and use the symbol as a print throughout your equestrian weddings.       The horseshoe place cards were very simple and easy to make: They added even more equestrian charm to the décor. “Prize ribbons” are great to use to add to your theme. Probably many riders have quite a few packed away. Wedding Table Ideas

At equestrian weddings you can also use your trophies as flower holders for the tables.


Finally I think this is a fantastic idea to round-up all equestrian weddings. Use one of your old saddles for your guests to sign… I love this!!!

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