Full foal alert – my mare will be foaling soon

Time for foal alert and sleepless nights. Here we go, the days have flown by and my pregnant mare, Nettan, has already had me on a knifes edge with two bouts of colic and now to false alarms.  But finally I can see the finishing line with a foal ready to arrive into our lives. To be honest I have been spending so much time in the stables over the last few months that I haven’t had time to write any posts or updates. That’s going to change. After all I will need something to do during the next few nights while I’m on full foal alert. I’ve warned my job that I’ll be mostly working from home and luckily we have the Easter break right in the middle. I’m expecting her to foal, probably at the weekend but you never know… she might surprise me. Nervous? Yes. This is my first foal although we had two in the stables last year. I decided to wait another year and I’m glad that I did. It has given me a chance to watch and learn. It has also given me the chance to get even closer to my horse. Which has been amazing. The last few days have been very disruptive. She stopped eating her grains. Has been very uncomfortable at night. Saturday she tried to fool me into thinking it was coming. I panicked and called a friend… laughable now. But actually I think these false alarms are also preparing me. I think I’m actually becoming more relaxed about it. After all she’s a seasoned mare with 4 foals under her belt. I’m the maiden in this partnership. OK I have a daughter but you get what I mean. So now I will leave work. Head to the stables to fix for the day. Go home and have some sleep ready for my first full night watch. I’ll keep you posted.

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