Horse bloggers top tips for selling horses

Horse bloggers what about selling horses?

We can find a lot of advice online on horse blogs about buying. I have even written an article myself.


They are beautiful animals. The way they move is very seductive and many people dream of owning one. As a responsible seller, you want your horse to go to an appropriate home. Also, most o us have heard heart-breaking stories where animals are sold unknowingly to traders or feed lots. There are many things you can do to avoid this.

  selling horses

Start by advertising in good publications

  Start that positive relationship by promoting honestly. If you advertise your animal as an uncomplicated mount and he’s not,  he won’t be staying at that home for very long.  

Horse bloggers decide whether your right for them

The best way to make sure he gets a good home is to make sure the new owner matches both in personality and ability.   new horse owner   Horse bloggers keep the following things in mind when selling horses:
  1. What is the purchaser’s level of ­experience?
  2. Does he or she own a farm or board?
  3. What are his or her goals?
  4. Is he being purchased to be sold in the near future?
  5. Ask for a reference from the buyer’s veterinarian.
  6. Find out where the potential owner lives.
  7. Ask friends if they know anything about this potential buyer.
  8. Do a google search of the buyers name. Often there are conversations on Horse Forums discussing problems people have had with buyers. You can learn a lot online.
  Selling horses can be very stressful but when you find the right people it makes everyone happy… including the horse.   Whether you’re horse bloggers or not, if you’re thinking about buying a horse or pony you may find this article helpful: Thinking of buying a horse? – Here’s what to look for.    

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