Horses enjoyed the summer so what’s next?

Summer for the horses is finally over and the long lazy days have come to an end.

  We are still letting the boys stay out but only until the rain comes and it’s not far away now. The days are getting shorter and the nights a little colder.   Today I spent some time getting the rain blankets ready. Of course this will be something new for Connor. He’s done very well with his little pink fleece but only in the box when he’s come in wet from the rain. So spending all day in a rain blanket will be interesting to see what he thinks.   Nettan has now got front shoes back on but we let the back off until Connor goes in his own box. She’s a great mam and has tip-toed around him. There hasn’t been any problems. The good news is that we have our old farrier back. She’s been off having a baby. She’s worked with our horses since we first bought them. Her work is very good. the horses in the stable Nettan is standing in Ricko’s box and Connor is in Nettan’s. Now for a few weeks we are training Connor by putting them apart to eat when they come in… but only for a couple of hours every day.  It goes really good.  Yesterday I could also stand Connor in a dry paddock next to the riding paddock while I did some ground work with Nettan.   Now that the summer is over what have we planned for the horses?   Ricko has grown very overweight with the grass. We’ve already started him up again. 3 days on the Whitaker training system, 3 days of riding (trotting and collecting as we need to get those muscles back).   Nettan also has no muscles but that’s from foaling. I think her weight is good and she looks healthy but there’s nothing on her back. I plan to use the Whitaker training system on her 3 times a week. Then lots of ground work to loosen her up. She’s as stiff as a board. I don’t think I should ride her until I have some muscle on her back again.   Connor (Nettan’s 4 month foal) ground work. Getting him to listen and walk nicely.   Connor and Nettan training the in paddock Today we took the horses,  Nettan and Connor out for a walk. It was new for Connor as he’s never been away from the stables. Just in the riding paddock, dry paddock and grass field at the side of the stables. I think it went really well. May be I did it a little back to front. Starting with the walking then finishing with some ground work in the paddock. Next time we’ll do the ground work first.   Tomorrow I must go to my job straight after taking the horses out. Tomorrow night, weather permitting, we’ll take them on another walk.    

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