It’s not raining cats and dogs, it’s raining horses.

Some summer the horses are having here in Sweden. It’s crazy wet and cold for August. Poor horses have had to manage some really difficult condition this year. From being really hot one minute to incredibly windy and now it’s stormy, cold and wet.

Coldest summer in Sweden for 40 years

Our horse, Ricko, is such a big baby but over the last two days he’s developed a little cough. Not enough to call the vet and no other symptoms. All the same, we are being extra careful just in case. We don’t want it to develop into anything nasty. So he’s on a diet which includes blueberry juice and carrots. Which there is no complaining about. We also laugh so much with his bright red lips hanging off a cheesiest grim. Yes he’s a happy horse. This morning when we arrived at the stables it was beautiful blue skies. We gave them breakfast out in the paddock. Ricko will be staying in a dry paddock for a few days until we see what’s happening. Then around 13.00 the sky clouded over and down the rain came. We did rush and put a lightweight rain blanket on him but by 15.30 the rain was so heavy we decided to bring him back into the stables. Which I think he was very glad for. It was either standing still wet in the paddock or standing dry in his box. Ok we really a no brainer today. We always have fun with the horses even in the stables. Today was no different as Emily towel dried Ricko’s head and neck… or was it a massage. He really seemed to enjoy it either way.

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