Stable Manners Etiquette – Top Tips to help keep everyone happy

I’m always surprised how little stable manners Etiquette you find around the stables. To state the obvious, without some courtesy not only do the stables turn into a disorganized mess but bad feeling starts to spread. Next think you know everyone is bitching! Now I’ve heard that horse people can be a bit tough but before you know it you’ll be seeing it first hand.

  Simple measures can be put in place to minimize  upsets between everyone involved. I’ve selected a few general rules to keep owners, loaners, horses and yard owners happy.   Let’s start with specific guidelines for my stable manners etiquette  
  • Don’t let your young children run around the horses (without wearing helmets).
  • Don’t take your children and their pony into the riding paddock when the big horses are having a jumping lessons.
  • Don’t film everything and everyone, everyday and post it on your blog.
  • Wait your turn for a wheel barrow. We are all in a hurry.
  • Don’t fly your drone over our horses.
  • Don’t use your stable camera to spy on others then send sms when you want something done a different way.
  • The FB group is not our forum for complaints.
  • Ask before you borrow.
  • If you break it, replace it.
  • Leave the stable way as you found it… poo stain free.
  Now for the most common rules for stable manners etiquette
  1. If you want to borrow something, ask first.
  2. Put it back, shovels, yard brush or any other type of equipment, where you found it.
  3. Keep your area clean!
  4. Brush up after a hay/straw/feed from the stable way.
  5. Brush up after a spill!
  6. If you open a gate, close it……if you see one open, close that one too
  7. Keep on top of the muck heap, throw it back don’t just ‘dump and run’
  8. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! If you’re the last one on the yard make sure all the lights that need to be turned off are and make sure the tack room and the gate to yard is locked!
  9. Keep horse blankets neat and tidy next to your box.
  10. The drying room isn’t a storage area so remove dried blankets/rugs.
  It always a good idea to have a stable meeting sooner rather than later to lay a few ground rules down. The less upset the more enjoyment will be had.   There are so many more basics that can keep the stable members happy. A little thought and consideration will go a long way….   Please leave your tips below on how you manage stable manners etiquette.

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